About Junior

Dwight Junior started rapping after school with his friends during high school. They would all head to a designated area and just start spitting. He was a little shy, but he was always a passionate person about whatever he put his hand to. His mother used to say that about him all the time. It went from skateboarding to dancing to music. He did it all and did it well.

Dwight went to 5 different elementary schools because of his home life. Living in a divorced home caused him to move back and fourth. "My parents would argue so I was caught in the cross fire. I got mad at mom and moved to dads and vice versa when mad at dad. I always tried to choose sides without being bias."

By middle school, Dwight had a rap sheet of either getting kicked out of classes or at least being the teacher's arch nemesis. Dealing with the anger of coming from a broken home was tough on him. Things started to settle for Dwight around 6th grade. His parents suggested a Christian school for 4th and 5th grade which had a big impact on his life. He still managed to get kicked out of school in the 6th grade, but his father moved him to a suburban middle school. With some discipline, Dwight had finally began to cooperate with authority. 

"I still had trouble at home, but I started to deal with it. I was never a bad kid, but I had a lot of pain and felt misunderstood by everyone in school, especially teachers. School seemed easy for everyone else, but me."

By middle school, Dwight started to show up to a youth group occasionally in St. Albans, Wv. He built a relationship with the youth pastor and would later get connected to the church during his senior year of high school. His mother never had consistently attended church at this point and his dad would get busy with work. His father is the one who would try to persuade him to attend church.

Junior was not by any means an athlete. He was too shy to play sports. Instead he found peace with skateboarding. The fact that he was such a misfit was probably why he fit in perfectly with all of the skaters. "Those were my homies. We had such a close bond. I'm not sure where they all are now though. We took different paths. I still love them though for sure. I just know some of us didn't even make it to see this day. So I'm grateful."

After moving in with his mom in 10th grade, Dwight began to make some new friends. He and his friends formed a dance crew that would perform at parties and dance in the streets of Charleston, Wv. "We had a lot of after school fun. We would make videos and people would love them; Just some Youtube sensations that never made it.

Throughout this time, there was a little bit of partying, bad relationships and day dreaming. Somehow Dwight was able to possess a friendly and outgoing personality. He always seemed to be the leader of whatever he was doing. "All my friends, we all kinda started rapping together. Whether or not we all still do today, it was super fun. We'd rap in the hallway, my garage, little studios around town, wherever man! We all pretty much shared the same interests. We loved music, thrift-fashion, and women. We were definitely the outcasts. Not very popular, but friends with everyone. " This life started to get old for Dwight. "I just got tired of the same old thing with no growth. Plus I had trust issues, so none of my relationships would work. I loved people, but was also afraid of them lying to me just from bad experience." He then decided to get plugged into a healthy local church. 

Getting around healthy people was the best bet for Dwight. "I knew I was home. When you surround yourself with people who push you to be better than what you were yesterday and they love you, you can't go wrong. They loved me just for me." This is where Dwight began to grow spiritually. He started to really care about his culture. Starting to feel a burden to change the world, Dwight began to take music serious. He definitely wasn't perfect and still made many mistakes. Getting caught up with the wrong people was still frequent for him, but in time he just had to make a decision to stay around positive people.

Dwight graduated high school and took the time to go off to Bible College in Columbus, Ohio. He left behind friends, family and close relationships that he thought would last forever. "It was a dollar and a dream experience. Someone literally showed up a week before I left and told me that God told them to pay my first year of school." So here he was in a new car that he had just bought, off to Columbus for college. "I had the best first semester of my life. So much fun, a great roommate, a good community of friends, concerts, and a new Drake album that September =P. The vibes were dope."

A small Bible college dorm room is where Junior truly developed his sound. He had already traveled with his friends his senior year in high school, but never sat down and made music from his heart until college. All he had was his piano, a laptop, some clothes, and ramen noodles. He would go to class and head to a part-time job at a call center during the evenings. He would come home from work and go straight to his piano for the night. "My roommate used to put a blanket up over his bunk to block the light and sound I was making at 3am, because we had class in the morning."

It's been a long time coming, but he took the time that he needed to grow and mature in college in order to be successful with this music. In February 2015, Dwight lost his mother to a suicide. It was the roughest time he'd ever experienced. Junior wouldn't allow this to keep him down, even though it's something he'll never get over, he allowed God to mend his broken heart. "We developed the strongest relationship my last year of high school and when I left for college. She was a big reason of me going to college;  I, pretty much, was doing it for her. She'd always visit me. I was so broken when she left me. I still get upset, watching my little brother with no mother at his games."

Finishing at Bible College, Dwight proceeded to attend an Audio Engineering school in Chillicothe, Ohio. He still couldn't stop chasing the music dreams. His mom always told people this is what he was going to do. "Even though she would get mad at me and tell me that everyone works a 9-5 job, she would support me. She was just scared that I wouldn't be consistent as a man." He received his audio engineering degree from The Recording Workshop in July of 2015. 


The journey is uphill from here for Junior; a producer, artist and engineer who is hungry to make a change in the culture and make some real music with some real people. 

to be continued...