Satele & I are back with a classic joint for y'all!

  This song is special to my heart. I knew Satele from different concert venues around Columbus and twitter, but I had never vibed with him like in the studio, out to eat or anything like that. So we decided to link up one Saturday and that is when we came up with the track "Love Me." 

  I'll never forget that day. I had literally just been in this place where I no longer wanted to chase after a success that someone else had reached. I wanted my OWN story and my OWN journey. I was a little sick that day so my vocals came out rough, but I actually liked the rough vocals so much I kept them. 

  Satele and I vibe'd out so well and ended up becoming the best of friends after that day. I would get off of work and head straight to his place or vise versa. I was staying in a condo like 5 minutes from his job so we literally made so much music that we probably have 3 projects worth on the back burners! "Love Me" was just the beginning of a life long friendship for me, so therefore it's special! Celebrate the ones close to you and their journeys!

  Shout out to everyone who came to hang and shoot the video with us. It was always fun shooting with these people, because there was no script, we just had fun and pulled out a camera. I miss all of them so much.

  I want to give a BIG shouts to my homie and videographer, Brandon Manyara. He has been so selfless towards me. I have these crazy ideas and he shows up and creates GREATNESS. He's such a man of God and a genuine soul. I miss this guy a lot now that I live in South Carolina, but we will link again soon!

Dwight Drops "Junior Everywhere!"

  This was another night in the studio where I just wanted to have fun. I love God and I enjoy the things He has blessed me with and the things He has allowed me to do. I’m in a huge transition phase right now (which I can speak more about later.) As an artist you just have to get to that place where you're making music that you genuinely enjoy sharing with people. It's different, but it's letting people see my personality rather than trying to be something for entertainment. 

  I’ve been everywhere lately and people have no clue where I’ve been. Just know, I’ve been EVERYWHERE (in my best DJ Khaled voice).

Wedding in Minnesota.

Welp, another wedding. I was super excited to see my brother Steven get married. We were church family in West Virginia and then later roommates in Bible College. We've pretty much been along the faith journey together. Insert typical quote, "Blood couldn't make us closer."

Sorry, I couldn't resist.


It's amazing to see what the Lord has done in his life, but this, by far, is the best (to me atleast.) I guess it's true when Proverbs says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord." I've watched Steven's countenance completely change and how much peace he's walked into.

During my time in Minnesota, I really did learn a lot. The families I encountered genuinely have an honor culture towards God and His presence. Some would consider it old fashioned and if anyone knows me well, they know I like old fashioned. If I could choose when I was born, I would have probably popped out in the 30's. It just seem like they did without the nonsense, but now days it seems like all we have is nonsense. It was a breath of fresh air to encounter a group of people who really love God and love people. I believe that my brother Steven is in good hands.

Well, now that you're in Minnesota, we can't really go to the gym, bicker about pointless stuff or go spend our hard earned money on food together. I'll never forget the nights where you wanted to smack me because I always chose to produce music at 3am. I'm excited for my friends and new adventures. God bless everyone that I met this past weekend. I definitely couldn't even fit 20% of what I learned into this post, so I'll just leave it at that.


To life and it's adventures.



Getting Back to the Basics.


Moments like this are the ones we take for granted, I can promise you. Since I've moved to Ohio, I've probably spent about 50 years of my life in traffic. I'm probably exaggerating a little bit, but the story calls for it. I sat in traffic today and for the first time I wasn't frustrated, niether did I pick up my phone to scroll a social media app to take my mind off of it (partly because I deleted them off of my phone for awhile.) I have to admit, change hurts and is annoying for me, but I like the feeling of accomplishment that I get from stretching myself to do something new. God didn't call me to stand in one spot for the rest of my life. Faith MOVES! 

Back to what I was saying, I've put my life on hold as far as the "chasing my dreams" goes. I'm in a re-evaluation phase, if that even makes sense. It's not normal for an up-and-coming artist to stay off of social media and forget about marketing himself. Well, in today's culture that is true, but I believe in something more than just the norm. It's super annoying for me to try to pay attention to the market so much that I can't just make music because I like it. I'm getting back to the basics. Purifying my mind, soul and body. Yes, I said the body too! For those who just chuckled, I've been in the gym getting fit and on a healthy diet. 

Again, back to what I was saying (adhd problems), I'm going to be sharing my heart through this blog from time to time and I hope that my life experience can minister and uplift you guys.  

As we say "So Long, So Long" to 2015.

 Well, where do I start? It's been a hell of a year for me. I've been quiet because I've been learning, growing and just going through it. I always say I went from a boy to a man this year. Sometimes the pain you go through and teach you how to toughen up. So here's to 2015, I guess.

  This time last year, my car had broken down and I was 3 hours from home in college. I had no way to get to work except a few faithful friends. I was saving up for a new car. I was in a rough place financially and couldn't hardly stand it. All I could do is work and save my money. 

  In early February, I was on my way home from work when I got a call from a friend. That night I received the worst news possible at that point. They found my mother dead in her apartment. My mother had hit a very rough place in her life. She got plugged into her local church, started walking with God and started connecting with new friends. Still nothing seemed to help her ease her mind. On Feb 5, She attempted suicide and was successful. 

  From this point on, 2015 would be the roughest year ever for me. I begin to grow cold. The last time I saw my mother was when I dropped her off at the hospital. It felt like no one could understand how that feels. I was so ready to give up on my faith in God. I didn't care about anything for the next few months. I lived cold and silent. 

  Thank God that I was plugged in with some good friends here in Ohio. Without them I would be dead. While grieving the loss of my mother, I didn't hear much from people back home. Not that it mattered, but I realized after it was all said and done that people can't help you apart from God. I was not on the best terms with God, but I kept Him at a close distance and waited for everything to work out. I eventually got blessed with a nice new car and a very nice job. To say the least, I still to this day don't feel like "things worked out." However, my faith hasn't wavered. 

  I'm honestly in this place where I don't care about a lot of extra stuff anymore. You learn that God will hold you through these times, but that doesn't mean it feels better. He'll protect you, but when the storm comes, you just may get a little wet. I understand it's just Him and I on this journey of faith. My love for Him is because He loved me first as my father and creator. I no longer have the arrogance to pretend I understand this thing called life, but I do have the boldness to declare that I trust Him. I can tell people that He is THE ONLY ONE who can make this life make sense one day. He's all that matters. 

  It's so hard to say goodbye to a year that has a whole bunch of unanswered questions in it. I'm excited to see what the future holds. In the words of Mali Music, I'm just one of them old people that God's got ahold of. 

  So with all of that being said, this is a song of my upcoming mixtape Runaway called "So Long, So Long." Originally recorded at Premiere Studios in Time Square. 

& oh yea, I almost forgot #RunawayComingFeb5th

Beach house in South Carolina where "So Long, So Long" was produced.

Beach house in South Carolina where "So Long, So Long" was produced.

Junior recording "So Long, So Long" in NYC.

Junior recording "So Long, So Long" in NYC.