Getting Back to the Basics.


Moments like this are the ones we take for granted, I can promise you. Since I've moved to Ohio, I've probably spent about 50 years of my life in traffic. I'm probably exaggerating a little bit, but the story calls for it. I sat in traffic today and for the first time I wasn't frustrated, niether did I pick up my phone to scroll a social media app to take my mind off of it (partly because I deleted them off of my phone for awhile.) I have to admit, change hurts and is annoying for me, but I like the feeling of accomplishment that I get from stretching myself to do something new. God didn't call me to stand in one spot for the rest of my life. Faith MOVES! 

Back to what I was saying, I've put my life on hold as far as the "chasing my dreams" goes. I'm in a re-evaluation phase, if that even makes sense. It's not normal for an up-and-coming artist to stay off of social media and forget about marketing himself. Well, in today's culture that is true, but I believe in something more than just the norm. It's super annoying for me to try to pay attention to the market so much that I can't just make music because I like it. I'm getting back to the basics. Purifying my mind, soul and body. Yes, I said the body too! For those who just chuckled, I've been in the gym getting fit and on a healthy diet. 

Again, back to what I was saying (adhd problems), I'm going to be sharing my heart through this blog from time to time and I hope that my life experience can minister and uplift you guys.