Satele & I are back with a classic joint for y'all!

  This song is special to my heart. I knew Satele from different concert venues around Columbus and twitter, but I had never vibed with him like in the studio, out to eat or anything like that. So we decided to link up one Saturday and that is when we came up with the track "Love Me." 

  I'll never forget that day. I had literally just been in this place where I no longer wanted to chase after a success that someone else had reached. I wanted my OWN story and my OWN journey. I was a little sick that day so my vocals came out rough, but I actually liked the rough vocals so much I kept them. 

  Satele and I vibe'd out so well and ended up becoming the best of friends after that day. I would get off of work and head straight to his place or vise versa. I was staying in a condo like 5 minutes from his job so we literally made so much music that we probably have 3 projects worth on the back burners! "Love Me" was just the beginning of a life long friendship for me, so therefore it's special! Celebrate the ones close to you and their journeys!

  Shout out to everyone who came to hang and shoot the video with us. It was always fun shooting with these people, because there was no script, we just had fun and pulled out a camera. I miss all of them so much.

  I want to give a BIG shouts to my homie and videographer, Brandon Manyara. He has been so selfless towards me. I have these crazy ideas and he shows up and creates GREATNESS. He's such a man of God and a genuine soul. I miss this guy a lot now that I live in South Carolina, but we will link again soon!