by Dwight Junior

People of this world are just human and don't always know what they desire for their life. There is no life in being a people pleaser. When you think about it, the same person you let be a guide for your life has changed majors 5 times, had 7 different relationships in the past few months, and can't decide on the shoes they want to wear today. Besides, they spent their rent money on trying to impress an imaginary crowd on the gram. Why trust in them to tell you what they want for YOUR future? 

  Traveling upstream gives you the benefit of a new reality. Becoming a pioneer brings the joy of living a life with a compass instead of a map. A map is always a sign that someone has been somewhere before. The only way to know your design is getting near your designer. You can know your nitches and desires, but that doesn't mean you know the purpose for them or what to do with them. I watch people everyday let culture, ministry, or education tell them what they were made for. None of these things are bad things, they're just a cheap substitute for your alone time with the creator of the earth where His Words shape new realities, cause dead things to come alive and give new meaning to your day to day rhythms. He's alive and seeking a heart to pour out His love on. The journey is full of thrills and romance.

  The very second that you start to try to get someone else to understand your love for Him is the same second that you compromise the value of that love. It's never anything against you, it's just that I'm lovesick for the creator and all that comes from Him. I'm never going to be what you asked for just because you asked for it.

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